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the modified mechanics of this device
antenna 001CD digipak : limited to 1000

14 mind expanding masterpieces from spacerock innovators, füxa.

rippling analogue space hums... pleasant in a gauzy, cosmic / radiophonic way.
john mulvey - the wire

massively radiant, shimmering & psychedelic. droning majesty, living, breathing, warm & glowing.
jonathon seltzer - terrorizor magazine

minimalistic... hypnotic... very good... weird... experimental... very psychedelic... strange... electronic... very ambient. If you're into experimental and cosmic electronic, this is worth checking out. Just try it with headphones!
dj astro - psychotropic zone

a mind expanding masterpiece by füxa.
the radio times

grand style.
fred mills - magnet

Radio Plays: Mixing It BBC Radio3. Late Junction BBC Radio 3. The Garden Of Earthly Delights. La disco Cafe Society (Radio 13 - france). lE vIDE rELATIF 88.3 FM - raje arles (france)

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here's to...
no longer a tourist

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Los Planetos del Agua
too many bricks
and not enough sea
antenna 002CD digipak : limited to 1000

a smouldering debut album from LPdA. described as 'understated creative minimalists'. featuring contributions from the telescopes, the dust collectors and a drum track scored by alex from fixit kid.

a rare, warm and perfect debut record.
john rogers - brain love

royally dense... dual theremins signalling its advance like sonar lighthouses.
jonathon seltzer - terrorizor magazine

LPdA prove that if you scratch far enough below the hype and the mainstream, there will always be something of substance and beauty in music.
andy robbins -

ethereal & organic... los planetos work with catchy hook lines yet keep to a trusty non formula .
s. potter - the big issue

a challenging-yet-tuneful affair.
fred mills - magnet usa

accomplished avant rockers with interesting instrumentation
time out

quite beatiful

Radio Plays: 'The John Peel Show' BBC Radio 1. BBC World Service. FSK 93, 0MHZ 'Spiffy Tunes' (Germany). Radio Eins (Germany). Radio Cittadelcapo (Italy). La disco Cafe Society (Radio 13 - France). Sounds of Tomorrow (USA).

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wested desert
pi desert
la trompette de l'ange, et si peu encore...

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numero 0
antenna 003CD : limited to 500

we are proud to present the first ever UK release from the french experimentalists "O".

Reveries that delight... One of the best purveyors of silence I've heard in a while.
frances may morgan - plan b magazine

heaven knows how this was recorded (it's like a contact mike was placed on a brain), but it was done with an expert touch.. engaging and captivating.
simon minter, diskant

Naked scalded electric and acoustic guitars. Detuned Vietnamese folk songs flap by like ghosts on the wind.
george parsons, dream magazine #6

Feel the voltage flowing through you... the snap of bone and the tension of wire.
dusted magazine

Very free music, intimate, folky.. but with a healthy doses of noise. Quite nice indeed.
franz de waard (staalplaat), vital weekly

Semi-industrial, semi-glitch noise. attention grabbing.
skif, vanity project

Acoustic dissonance and seemingly-random electronics.
fake jazz

Pretty, albeit in a string-plucky, Japanese horror film score sort of way.
george zahora, splendid ezine

You've never heard anything like this before.
scott causer, astro zombie

Starkly minimalist and appears to achieve its purpose.
jennifer allan, angry ape

angry ape. Current Listening. 19th September 2005.

the most varied and downright perplexing album I've heard all year. Interesting!
after the goldrush #8

blissful beauty, blaring blasts of dissonance. impossible to compare to anything else. A sonic trip you will never forget. Very original! 8/10.
disagreement underground music ezine

minimalist, like primitive music. Almost on the same ground as some electronica, but radically opposed in its organic use of acoustics, in all the directions of the term.
gaelle, STNT

improvisation under the minimalism aesthetic.. a disordered dialogue between guitars.. space for silence.
guillermo escudero, loop

cacophonic debris... raw, unprocessed.

could be suitable for ADHD patients or speed freaks who are just on the verge of collapse. I'm so dazzled that I really can say no more.
dj astro, psychotropiczone

two people are able to do what an entire orchestra usually accomplishes.
tom sekowski, gaz-eta

intimate and calm, lovely plucking, soft rattling and mysterious, unrecognizable noises. a nice improv album.
paul bijlsma, phosphor magazine

revealing the internal mechanics of things, the listener taking part as a recepticle in order to excavate the nuggets produced by the group.
jean-françois micard, D-side magazine # 32

this is the true sound of our Primitive Future.
DDN, empty fanzine

jarring bursts of white-hot electricity. an atmosphere rich with primal tension.
cyclic defrost

a unique approach to creating music. interesting and engaging.
JH, indie workshop

strangely beautiful. like some john cage symphony, large swathes of minimalism are counter pointed by sudden bursts of noise. a thoroughly enjoyable album.
alex lawson, shadow play

it can be fairly discordant and frenzied but also ease into soothing bizarre beauty, sometimes simultaneously.
guy montag, KFJC

one of those rare masters of the guitar. sublime and inventive... i look forward to more from "O".
JPW, aural pressure

a pretty cool disc.. recommended
royce icon,

this was a very arousing experience for me.
neo zine

miracles reproduce with each new listening. rich structures. the listener becomes an explorer. a mixture of folk, electronica and noise.
gaëtan s., millefeuille

a delight for your neurons. a disc that bursts your brain.
wilder gonzales agreda, freakout magazine

desolate landscapes, atonal jet and electronic drone-noise flanked by more playful sounds. this surrealistic labyrinth must be consumed in its whole.
dieter craeye, kindamuzik

The universe in which "Numero 0" resides is truly unique; anyone interested in the outer fringes of guitar-based music would be wise to investigate.
bryon hayes, foxy digitalis

an engaging and challenging experience. a fascinating listen.
emmy hennings, vibewire

Radio Plays: the jimmy posession show (209radio cambridge). sounds of tomorrow (usa). - le vestibule - (quebec). radio ara (luxembourg). mundo bizarro on radio universidad in mexicali baja california & mexico. la peau des héros (france). the hungry audio show (future fm radio norwich). "itde" on wdbx (france - played most of the album). radio sheffield live. earplug (radio fmr; france). radio ara (france. interview & feature). le vide relatif (france). radio gagarin (germany). radio campus (belgium).

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all the leaves

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the telescopes
antenna 004CD

10 new studio recordings seasoned from live performances dated between 2002 & 2004 using unseen forces and home made / improvised instrumentation.

shape shifting audio druidry and stone age free drone repetition. landscapes of misheard whispers and understated harmony. death rattles pulse driven twangs and broken bones.

recorded with the same line up as the recent winter EP with guest appearances from randall füxa and tony LPdA.


In another universe altogether... incredible.
nathaniel cramp, NME

Sublimely present music, knowingly spontaneous.
frances may morgan, plan b magazine

RECORD OF THE DAY. Truly amazing. The perfect autumnal into winter soundtrack.
paul brownell, poptones

Creating their own language.
howard byrom, channel 4's ideas factory

This linear avante garde buzzzzzzzzzzzz is a strange, appealing din. Like Cage, Stockhausen, and Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, this is head music.
jack rabid, the big takeover

EDITORS CHOICE. An excellent and atmospheric album.
helen tipping, pennyblack music magazine

sonorous magma splashes of delicate magic.
roberto mandolini, losing today

Stunned excursions into inner space.
george parsons, dream magazine #6

A swarm of subterranean brilliance.
jennifer allan, angry ape

skif, vanity project #16

The genius of The Telescopes remains unparalleled.
scott causer, astro zombie

One of our top favourite acts. Highly recommended.
baby sue

FEATURED ALBUM. Redefining what is and what isn't considered suitable listening armoury for the avid record collector.
dom gourlay, the downloader

Keeping you on the edge of your seat without ever letting things loose. a pretty nice mixture of damaged folk and gritty psych rock. 7/10.
aaron coleman, almost cool

A rather unique sound pond with heavily psyhedelic moments. always a good melody or contagious trace of rhythm.
tom wilms, gonzo / l'entrepot

A truly masterful trip into the outer reaches of music.
john s, rock-a-rolla

a magically alluring album that I can warmly recommend.
dj astro, psychotropiczone

my only regret is the record lasts a mere 50 minutes. i could bury my head in this sort of caressing fuzzy mix for much, much longer.
tom sekowski, gaz-eta

follow their trajectory today like you'd watch a comet in one of those summer nights: laying on your back with half-open eyelids and a smile, slowly rising your hand to touch the skies while being perfectly aware you can't, because that's part of the beauty.
DDN, empty fanzine

different with each new listening, a little as if it were re-recorded behind our back, every evening, but with always the same poetic load, strong. a little like the book of sand, the infinite fantasmé by borges...
nayn, foutraque

as hypnotized and addictive cobras. here you have the medication for this half of decade as prescribed by the telescopes. the infinite cosmos, Lord!
wilder gonzales agreda, freakout magazine

Radio Plays: huw stephens bbc onemusic (radio1). the kosmische show (resonance104.4fm). the rachael neiman experience (radio1 student radio nominee - bailrig fm). the hungry audio show (future fm radio norwich). the independent playground usa (wwcd101.1fm). sounds of tomorrow (usa). lethal injection usa (wras atlanta). trans-atlantic underground usa (kool rock radio). shoegaze radio usa. popscene (radio bremen germany). la disco cafe society (radio 13 france). l' altraradio italy (top faves sept. 2005). le vide relatif (france). pms (radio merseyside). mundo bizarro (mexico). Sideways Through Sound Radio Sydney Australia.

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vibracathedral orchestra
the library tapes

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various artists
dream frequencies volume #1
antenna 005CD

A new series dedicated to contemporary artists, concerning music and art either communicated from or evocative of dream-like states. Compiled by Stephen Lawrie with hand written illustrations and paintings from Bridget Hayden.

Featuring contributions from Vibracathedral Orchestra, Birds of Delay, Development of Shape, Dreams of Tall Buildings, Moon, The Library Tapes, Sculptress, The Dust Collectors, Bologna Pony, The Telescopes, Jazzfinger, Number None, ...Unexplained Transmissions & Astral Social Club.

Vibracathedral Orchestra's "Chapel Lane Hoedown" has an uncanny clangour all of it's own.. while The Dust Collector's "The Sun Is Freed" goes expressway to mine, a motorik groove out of Alastair Galbraith-style whisperings.
Sam Davies - The Wire

Not officially out for a month or two but well worth getting your orders in for is this
Mark Barton - Losing Today

A wild array of drone/noise/experimental artists. Extraordinarily cerebral and hypnotic. A rather heady and unique spin.

Radio Plays: 'The Independant Playground" USA. wwcd101.1fm. (VCO & telescopes). Stuart Maconie's "Freakzone". BBC6music. (VCO, dOtb, library tapes, telescopes). (birds of delay).


bridget hayden
the night's veins
5 track LTD edition hand made CDR album

a magical new ltd edition cdr album of previously unavailable homegrown 4 -track solo recordings from bridget hayden. (ex vibracathedral orchestra, occasional sunburned hand of the man, one half of the telescopes etc..). beautifully hand crafted packaging and artwork wrapped in textured paper. essential listening.

I been digging the merciless black metal meditations of Vibracathedral Orchestra's Bridget Hayden, La Hayden's five pieces are, in places, reminiscent of Israeli noise terrormongers Poochlatz, the whole schmeer concluding with the 18-minutes of "Do I Have to Speak in Heat?" Madam, from the evidence presented, you most certainly do!
julian cope, head heritage

This is pretty opaque stuff - there's not much in the way of melody, strict rhythm or convention to guide the listener along. However, the intimacy of the home recordings, reflected in the homemade tissue paper and paint envelope it's packaged in, is charming and intriguing. As an exercise in feedback and guitar manipulation, or perhaps the earlier-mentioned aural manifestation of dreams, it's very effective.
simon minter, diskant

mp3 clips
and you will walk over our beautiful dead bodies
silks of asia minor
cielo de fuego

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white walls black eyes
antenna 006CD

achingly dense signals from a faraway island. 'white walls black eyes' is the debut album from afgan, with stunningly beautiful artwork from bridget hayden. the music was recorded in a berlin flat and on a plantation at mount teide. and features three improvised pieces with the telescopes, recorded at the volcano.

Radio Plays: The Independant Playground. Sounds of Tomorrow. The Jimmy Possession Show. Canarias Ruido.

video clip


the telescopes
auditory illusions
double agent da021 enhanced CD : limited to 500

a mesmerising 25-minute live session. improvised acoustic and battery operated instrumentation. new and exclusive versions of material past and present. includes a hypnotic new video by dan hopkins.

beautiful and precise whilst seeming utterly handmade and fresh. proper 'head' music, psychedelic to the core and incredibly rich in content.
simon minter, diskant

a hidden gem in the subterranean world of drones and white noise, displays the telescopes' versatility and an incredible ability to improvise.
jennifer allan, angry ape

hushed harmonies and acoustic strum a blossoming treat.
skif, vanity project #18

one is rocked in weightlessness.. inhabited by phantoms.. hypnotic.
ga‘tan seguin, millefeuille

eerie, intense and anonymous, works beautifully as a piece of art. ranks alongside their very best work.
scott causer, coloursonic

the best ambient drone always has some form of loose structure to it. the excitement on auditory illusions comes in how the telescopes walk back forth in that structure. rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
corey tate, the spacelab

full of distant vocals and eerie sounds, these three tracks stretch the boundaries of what an EP is capable of.
cameron deyhle, a robot cometh

involving the creativity and spontaneity that has made the band a cult favorite. the telescopes have been one of our top favorites for years now. this EP is yet another must have. rating: 5+
babysue / LMNOP

druidic. the music of telescopes is dreamed as much as it is listened.
yann, STNT

Radio Plays: lE vIDE rELATIF 88.3 FM - raje arles (france)

mp3 clips
household objective#4


the telescopes
night terrors ep
trensmat TR001 7" vinyl only. LTD edition of 500.

the telescopes open proceedings for trensmat with an EP of free drone audio druidry. side 1 contains the seven and a half minute AMM meets suicide groove of dsm-1v axis 1:307.46 - the dsm term for night terrors. side 2 builds a brilliant and atmospheric subterranean world of drone and white noise using household objects - true metal machine music.

has a very real & crazy originality that carries fat tons of wallop. byron coley, the wire

check out the telescopes' excellent 7" NIGHT TERRORS, which contains two epic funereal dirges full of bowed guitars, wah'd organs, shaking percussions, theremins, mallets and delay pedals.
julian cope, head heritage

infinitely listenable. the list of instruments on this single is frightening...... the best (and most evil) driving music I've heard in ages.
phil, norman records (single of the week)

scary, brutal, and definitely not to be listened to alone. dom gourlay, drowned in sound

as though they have immersed themselves in the repetitive grooves of suicide and the space-jazz of sun ra to create something completely new and abstract in the process.
jennifer coxley, angry ape

probably the closest any band has got to distilled beauty on wax for a long time.
thomas blatchford, drowned in sound

Radio plays: huw stephens bbc onemusic (radio1). kosmiche club, resonance FM.

mp3 clips
household objective#2


the telescopes
hungry audio tapes
hungry audio YUMCD6

"a fabulous new mini album from the telescopes. this really is a treat, a monumental record by a seminal band, their best release ever as far as hungry audio are concerned!" - includes tracks from the much sought after, and now sold out, winter EP.

metal machine music... moody and alluring.
edwin pouncey, the wire

beautiful, chaotic and compelling - genres are unimportant, the telescopes pay pigeonholes as much attention as pigeons do immigration officials. the telescopes are truly transcendental, they make the music they feel moved to when they feel moved to do so. contracts, careers and industry clutter form no part of their creation. this is why they can record a perfect pulse drone backwash like 'another sky' and equally why legions of allegedly cutting edge bands will rip off and run out with a dilute version within the next year. this is why 'household objective#2' is the coolest and scariest piece of electronica to surface since the BBC's radiophonic workshop got dr who off to a flier. the telescopes light a torch under the arse of a depressingly homogenized world, but don't follow theirs, light your own, it's what they'd prefer.
shane, unpeeled

Radio plays: huw stephens bbc onemusic (radio1). Sideways Through Sound Radio Sydney Australia.

mp3 clips
winter #7


the telescopes
winter ep
hungry audio YUMS1 7" : limited to 500

'Winter' is a trip - literally - into Lawrie's celestial world of Space and Burroughs-life-after-death-and-then-Madagascar-horns. It opens like the scariest movie you've ever watched into scary appergiated drones and heavy organs and horns. 'Winter' is a drug-addled-trip into the jungle before Lawrie starts to chant, heavily, indecipherable prayers. And then it grinds ... into psychedelia, with whip-lashes of the pretty whip and violin from Velvet Underground's first album capturing the essence of heavy orange skies of Winter England before rainfall. This is a must to hear.
paul brownell -

the perfect needle #4. this track from their perfectly-timed "winter" EP is a re-recording of their classic 1989 single which strips away the original's white noise and distortion and replaces it with warm, fuzzy drone resulting in something much less confrontational, but a whole lot more beautiful.
nathaniel cramp - NME

mp3 clips
a cabin in the sky
when nemo sank...

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the telescopes
third wave
double agent 017CD digipak
isota records sody007 vinyl : limited to 1000

experimental downbeat electronica & full on headmusic. warm textured drones & sparce entranced melodics follow the freedom principles of 60's avant garde jazz thru spacious organic song structures. from dark introversion & beautifully stark minimalism to blissfull chaos & confusion.

i was amazed that they were still practicing their mysterious art, because i thought they'd given up a long time ago, but on the evidence of this, i'm glad they haven't.
john peel - radio1

this is a pleasantly creepy, frankly wonderful little album. ...a very cool, enjoyably moody surprise.
jon darnielle - magnet usa

calls to mind the image of robots marching in unison to destroy the human species.
cindy yogmas -

a very trippy agenda.
george parsons - dream magazine #3

cool, hazy hallucinations - the perfect prescription for too much life.
james nelms - sonic space magazine

from shoegazers to sonic architects.
shane quentin - the garden of earthly delights

the electronic space to experiment and the interstellar space to dream.
jimmy possession - robots and electronic brains

an odd, but by no means unwelcome, return.
david sheppard - q

Radio Plays: bbc radio 1 one world. bbc radio 1 - the john peel show. Sideways Through Sound Radio Sydney Australia.

mp3 clips
the dust collectors


various artists
bush, 1945
rokit records, herbie 4 : limited to 1000

CD released with Robots and Electronic Brains fanzine; featuring artists from 5 different labels

1 Antenna
2 Jazzfinger - New Light On An Old Legend
3 The Dust Collectors - Jelly Babies
4 The Telescopes - And Let Me Drift Away...
5 Dreams of Tall Buildings - Home - An Afterthought
6 Los Planetos Del Agua - A Positive Habit
7 Mynameiszardak... - Andthesearemyrobotsandelectronicbrainwaves...

Radio Plays: 'The John Peel Show' BBC Radio 1 (Jazzfinger track)